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having never loved anything but the impossible, the crudeness I don't believe in

15 November
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abstract thinking, aegan blue, airplants, angled berets, anglo-saxon poetry, antarctica, anything french, aphoria, appalachia communities, astrophysics, asymmetrical fedoras, avoiding laundry, baking, baroque music, beauty, belief, bitterly cold winters, black opals, black sheep catholics, border collies, bubble baths, chairs with clawed feet, children's books, chocolate, classical music, cocky boys, coffee shops, connections, contraditions, corsetry, crazy gelato flavors, deconstruction, deep breathes, delicate jewelry, dr. who, dresses, early novels, extra thin crust pizza, fall thunderstorms, fantasy lit, farmers markets, fencing (even badly), fine cheeses, forest green, french macaroons, fruits!, fruity hard ciders, genuine charity, gold ballet flats, golden retrievers, gourmet food, great coffee, greece, grown up gothica, here comes the irish, high thread count sheets, horses, indie rock, istanbul, jasmine green tea, jaywalking, kindness, kqed, le petite morte, leather boots, living stones, long walks, lost causes, lost chicagoians, memento mori, milton, misspellings, moonlight, museums, musicals, my prius, my puppy shadow (rip), nd football, negative theology, npr, openness, paradox, pencil skirts, penguins waiting to fly, phedre, philosophy, poetry, postmodernism, processes, professors with british accents, public education, readerly absorption, recondite literary criticism, religion without religion, romanticism, roses, saint augustine, sensuality, shakespearian sonnets, silk anything, string theory, stubble, sweat, the bard, the contemplative life, the little prince, thought-provoking movies, thrifting, unicorns, unsnobby wine, vegetables, victorian costuming, violins, visible biceps, vulnerability, well-written erotica, wings, wonder, yoga